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SS 24/ FW24

Below is the list of markets that we will be participating in.
All of our Markets are open to all buyers of clothing, accessories , jewelry, shoewear, novelty and more!

SS24 + FW 24

  • CIFF Copenhagen Market Week: Jan 31st - Feb 2nd, 2024 

  • Project Tradeshow: Feb 13th - Feb 15th, 2024 

  • London Fashion Week: Feb 16th - Feb 20th, 2024 

  • Paris Market Week: Feb 28th - Mar 2nd, 2024 

  • Community Market Week for Elite Buyers: Feb 22nd - Feb 24th, 2024


  • Paris Market Week (Repeat): Feb 28th - Mar 2nd, 2024 

  • L.A. Market Week (Fall 2024): Mar 12th - Mar 15th, 2024 

  • Community Market Week: May 2024 

  • L.A. Market Week (Holiday 2024): June 11th - June 14th, 2024 

  • L.A. Market Week (Holiday/Resort 2024): July 30th - Aug 2nd, 2024 

  • London Fashion Week (Market Week): Sept 15th - Sept 19th, 2024 

  • Paris Market Week- Sept 28th -Oct 2nd 2024

Join Posh Showroom and sell with our brands during Community Market Week!

Posh Showroom introduces to you "Community Market Week" an alternative to participating in traditional Market Week and getting your brand the maximum amount of brand exposure with the exclusive Posh Showroom's house account buyer list of commercial retail buyers and boutiques! 

Next upcoming market is: PROJECT TRADESHOW FEB 13TH-16TH

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Buyers, its easy to order our collections!


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